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Tuna Spring Roll

Posted On February 13, 2017

Spring Roll is a popular starter or snack that is served in Indo Chinese restaurants. Here’s how to make spring rolls with canned tuna filling.


Tasty Nibbles Tuna Flakes –  50g

Refined Oil –  10ml

Capsicum – 15g

Carrot  –  15g

Onion  –  15g

Spring Onion  –   5g

Celery  – 3g

Leeks  – 3g

Tomato Sauce –  15g

Soya Sauce  –  10ml

Chilli Sauce –  5g

Refined Flour –  20g

Corn Flour  – 30g

Salt  –   to taste

Egg – 1 no.


  1. Shred all the vegetables
  2. Heat oil, add the vegetables and saute.
  3. Add tomato sauce, chilli sauce, soya sauce and seasoning, mix well and keep aside.
  4. Make a batter with egg, refined flour, corn flour and water.
  5. Make pan cakes with the batter, fill the pan cakes with mixture. Roll and seal the edges.
  6. Deep fry till golden brown.